Adjective MAYHEM 2

Adjective Mayhem is an app which is designed to be fun to play while teaching core grammar skills. Adjective Mayhem is the third app in the 'Mayhem' series - a collection of apps focused on grammar.

Level 2 is designed for  8-9 year olds or people with 3-4 years of reading English. This age range may vary depending on the reading level of the player.

Adjective Mayhem is designed to tap into all the elements of game-play that appeal to children. It has been rigorously tested and refined to make it as addictive as possible, because the more your child plays Adjective Mayhem the stronger their skills will become!

The Stats screens clearly show their development, and any words they may be struggling with. You can track their progress over time to see how they improve.

The 'Mayhem' series is the result of a collaboration between educationalists - Rae and Gray Clayton, and game developers - Generator. By combining our skills we have made a game that is fun to play while being of sound educational merit.


Adjective Mayhem LEVEL 2



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